Black and Decker mulching lawn mower.Weight 38 pounds.Dimensions 33 x 21.5 x 15.4 inches.It is a sturdy 9-Amp motor system, and a useful 18-inch cutting path.It is a corded machine with maximum lengthrange of 100 feet.The system is free from the worries of gas, tune-ups, and oiling.It comes with a lever that can quickly adjust all 4 wheels of the product.
My gardenerlandscaper bought and collected over the last few years to clean up, repair and re-sell for a profit. He sold a few and these are ones he hadnt sold yet. There are 2 mowers and one edger. see photos for name brands. All are complete and unknown if running. He moved suddenly and left them all here so Im stuck with them. He was just storing them and working on them here. They all reall...
Getting ready to clear out my sold house.Actual sale will be 8am on Saturday April 21 but if you see something you want, I am selling individual items before April 21.Books - $1 hardcover and 25 cent paperbackCandle stick Table ls $10 eachclothesFord Mustang Coils $10 each picturedFord Mustang exhaust $15 for bothGarden toolsGlasswarehardware nuts, bolts, screws, etc.Household itemskitchen item...
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